Ask for a financing application.

Ask for a financing application.

General informations

In this page you can apply for a financing  application  for either a mission or a conference.


Depending on whether the application is for a mission or a conference, it should be submitted between 2 and 3 months in advance, see the links below.


The funding applications will be examinated at the beginning of each month by the Steering Committee (SC). The SC will evaluate the quality and scientific content of the application, together with its relevance for the french-italian collaborations that the LYSM wants to favour, and the reasonableness of the financial plan. The decision will be taken after a vote of the SC.


The decisions of the SC are communicated to the applicants as soon as possible, usually in the second half of the month when the demand is examined. The successful applicant is requested either to insert the LYSM logo on the website and poster of the supported conference, or to acknowledge the "financial support of the LIA LYSM AMU CNRS ECM INdAM" in the scientific publications connected with the funded mission.

Ask for a financing application.


Alessandro GIULIANI

Professore all'università di Roma Tre,
Mathematical Physics


Chargé de recherche à l'Institut de mathématiques de Marseille,

Sylvie Lopinto

Financial and administrative manager, Paris

Steering Committee

Enrica Floris

Maîtresse de conférences au LMA de Poitiers,
Algebraic geometry

Giuseppe Ancona

Maître de conférences à l'IRMA de Strasbourg,
Artithmetic geometry

Magali Ribot

Professeure à l'Institut Denis Poisson d'Orléans,
Partial derivative equations and numerical analysis

Marie-Claude Arnaud

Professeure à l'université de Paris,
Dynamical systems

Pierre Bousquet

Professeur à l'Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse,
Analysis and calculus of variations

Cinzia BISI

Professoressa all'università di Ferrara,
Complex geometry

Daniele GUIDO

Professore all'università di Roma Tor Vergata,
Non-commutative geometry

Emanuele Spadaro

Professore all'università di Roma La Sapienza,
Analysis and calculus of variations

Lucia Caporaso

Professoressa all'univesità di Roma Tre,
Algebraic geometry

Tamara Grava

Professoressa alla SISSA di Trieste,
Integrable systems